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Hello and welcome to another exciting installment of Chit Chat Tuesday!

Today I’m going to share some images from our weekend impromptu trip to the Australian Reptile Park.

Visiting has been on my Aussie bucket list since we moved to Newcastle a few years ago. We all had a brilliant time, managed to get up close and personal to native animals and birds, as well as seeing some awesome dinosaur statues.

We also watched a snake being “milked” which is actually a process where a handler collects it’s venom. It was interesting to learn about how the park actively collect Funnel-web spiders in order to create antivenom for when people get bitten. You can read more about it here; it’s pretty cool!

Now, Copperhead has always had a natural affinity with animals. She likes them and they seem to like her (maybe they just don’t have any choice in the matter?). So it was hardly surprising to us, that after half an hour of being joined at the hip, she declared that a baby kangaroo was her “best friend”. Well, this was until a wandering emu took an unusual interest in her. Copperhead has no fear with becoming acquainted with animals, even when they keep taking her hat! It was all we could do to convince her that we simply can’t bring the emu home with us and the cats will just have to do.

Anyway, here are some photos I took from our time there. I actually don’t consider myself very good at animal portraiture photography but I really love how the Rainbow Lorikeet turned out. I also totally feel like the Koala is my spirit animal! Who’s with me?!

It was a GREAT day and even though I was secretly hoping for a Britney Speers moment, I, unfortunately, didn’t get to hold a snake. Maybe next time!

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