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One year ago today Katie McVie Photography was officially launched. In the last twelve months I’ve photographed around fifty families, worked with several businesses and learned so, so much.


Three years ago I was battling severe Post Natal Depression.

My identity was hidden in the constant of motherhood. I’d been adapting, both physically and mentally, to constant back pain stemming from the twins birth. Emotionally I had not recovered from their traumatic entry to being earthside, their NICU stay and Little Red’s additional health needs.

I was fragile, vulnerable and at times, suicidal. But I knew that by channeling my energy into something that was just mine, something that I had wanted to do for so long, would be the best help for me.

So, I set a launch date, made it public and completely blanked any niggling thoughts that my dream was going to fail. Friends were lined up to be the official models of KMP and, armed with my five year old starter camera, I took the first photos to use in my portfolio.

Katie McVie Photography | Newcastle Photographer | Lake Macquarie Photographer | Family Photographer



Personally, well, today I feel normal. Well, normal for me! Whatever that word actually means.

Working gave me something that I was so desperately seeking. A focus separate from parenthood. A creative outlet. Wings so that I could be the social butterfly that I was born to be *insert uplifting music here*.

Professionally? Well you’ll be pleased to know that I upgraded my camera pretty quickly! I also added some lenses, pro memory cards and extra batteries to my kit. A kit that’s still growing, in fact.

I never in a million years imagined that my small business dream would flourish in the way that it has.

I am BEYOND grateful for the support of family, friends and clients.

Thank you for taking the chance and allowing me to capture some beautiful moments. Thank you for the constructive feedback, patience and encouragement. THANK YOU for helping me reach my goals – both personally and professionally.


I’m excited for what the second year of being a small business owner may bring. If it’s anything like the first one then it’ll be bloody fabulous!

Until next time,

Katie McVie Photography | Newcastle Photographer | Lake Macquarie Photographer | Family Photographer

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