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‘Ello ‘ello and welcome to the first edition of Chit Chat Tuesday.

This is the glorious start to what will be a weekly blog post. I’ll be talking about anything from my son starting school *loud dramatic sob*, my business and photography focused schtuff.

What most of you won’t know, is that, along with most first time mothers, I can add Blogger to my resume. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss writing and connecting with readers so I feel like this is a good compromise as I’m no longer doing that.

First things first, you should know my personality is very much tongue in cheek. I like to joke and make people laugh and my writing style is pretty much how I talk. My personal posts in particular should be taken as lighthearted. Unless of course they are heart-crushingly emotional. Have fun looking out for those ones!

Secondly, today also marks the re-launch of my website. WOO!

I’ve been working with the oh so creatively talented Kathleen over at Frianki. She basically did all the awful HTML (is that right, am I saying that right?) bits that I didn’t want to do, while I swanned about emailing her management buzz words and the like. I can honestly say that it was a very painless process for me!


The new site not only looks one hundred trillion billion times better, but it serves an extremely practical service too. I really wanted to streamline the service for clients, so the various functions we’ve added are:

  1. Password protected client galleries;
  2. Ability to choose your favourite images within those galleries;
  3. Easy add to cart function;
  4. Self check out;
  5. Payment via card;
  6. Automatic digital image download.

As always, client security is of utmost importance to me. I appreciate the need for internet safety so, so much; because of this, secure access was obviously a must. This aspect follows through all of the cart function so you can confidently pay for a session knowing that your details and images remain protected.

Being able to choose favourite images helps clients make their selection in line with their chosen package. By having a viewing gallery means that you get the images that you like, not what I like. If that makes sense? (Even though I tend to like them all, obvs!)

Clients also have the option of purchasing additional images on an individual basis or buying the entire gallery for an extra flat fee.

How cool is that?

Anyways, please have a look around and let me know what you think. I still have a bit to do with updating some blog posts, but if something doesn’t work or looks out of whack then don’t hesitate to let me know! In fact, I’d appreciate the heads up!

Until next time,

Thinking about booking a session? You can contact me here to kick things off!

tel: 0407 791 470
email: hello@katiemcviephotography.com

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