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I’m Katie and I’ve been colourful and creative ever since I can remember.

As a teen my focus was fine art before incorporating photography into my work during college years. Later I left that world for a more conventional line of employment but the itch to create never left me. I often doodled and painted during weekends before receiving my first digital camera as a birthday gift several years ago.

From a technical standpoint, I’m largely self taught but also part way through a formal qualification in photography. In saying that, I believe a huge part of the end product is helping you – the client – feel at ease and comfortable in my company. I’m naturally a happy, bubbly, relaxed and (slightly) cheeky person. I like banter. I’d describe myself as a very genuine person and I think this shines through in my photography style.

But please don’t let my easy going nature give you the impression that I’m not incredibly hardworking with extremely high standards when it comes to my work. My goal is for you to enjoy a fun yet professional photography session. Afterwards you’ll promptly receive beautifully captured moments for you to treasure forever.

I love meeting new people, I love photography and I love my job. What more can I tell you?!

Well, okay…

I’m a British expat, being born and raised in England with Scottish heritage. My Aussie-Irish hubby, Michael, and I lived in Queensland for eight hot years before settling in Newcastle in mid-2015. We love it here and we’ve finally found our forever home.

We’re also multiple pregnancy loss and infertility survivors. Seemingly against all odds I’m unbelievably fortunate to be a mama bear to three cubs. A six year old boy and three year old twin girls. I think our history is what draws me to pregnancy, newborn and families over other subjects. Put simply, the female body is so fantastically amazing with each baby being a miracle. I appreciate that so, so much and that’s what drives me to want to save every detail for you.

I’m also unapologetically a cat-lady, but have been known to play with neighbourhood dogs while on location for a shoot!

I love a good chat so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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