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When I first met Amy, one of Directors of Early Start Speech Pathology, it was on location down by Warners Bay esplanade. We were meeting in order to get head-shots and some group images of all the staff. I asked Amy if she had any specific ideas for the shoot and/or if she was wanting primary placing. Her answer was no, that they were a team and so everyone needed their individual portraits as well as to be included in the group shots. I absolutely loved that quick response.

It became absolutely apparent that this was an extremely close team. There was a lot of laughter, a real sense of ease and just all round great vibes.



The next part of the brief was to capture speech therapy at work. As a mother with a child who requires additional needs, including speech therapy, I was very keen to do this. From a personal perspective, I feel that being able to see images of what may happen during a session can really prepare you of what to expect. In a professional capacity, I simply thought it’d be really interesting and a lot of fun.

Amy is clearly very passionate about what she does. I was somewhat surprised by the variety of toys and games on offer and what their different uses were for. Including the discovery of some really cool iPad tools and talking posters!


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