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I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with, Kat, the creative powerhouse behind Frianki, on multiple occasions. First, for my website design and secondly, providing her with expert brand photography.

You’d be better off asking Kat what she doesn’t do, rather than trying to pinhole her into a specific creative field. From all things web design and developing to working with her hands and various materials. You can find her colourful in-home studio packed to the brim with bright material, wool and handmade garments. Or you could browse through Kat’s sketch pad and listen to her passionately talk about her favourite colour pens that she uses to illustrate with.

If you’re after a varied lifestyle website then be sure to check out Frianki. Don ‘t forget Facebook and Instagram too, because, I’m sure, whatever piques your interest you’re bound to find something that you’ll love!

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