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“My kid is starting school and I don’t know how to feel about it” is something that is undoubtedly going through many parents minds at the moment.

On one hand I am so happy – for a variety of reasons. The first one being… yay I’ve finally got rid of my five year old. Just kidding. Kind of. Not really.

Seriously though. My Little Man (aka LM) is so so ready for big school. For the past three-six months he’s obviously been bored and unchallenged at home. He’s at daycare two days a week. We never miss playgroup (essentially because I get a cup of tea and a biscuit there. Oh and other adults to talk to that are also regularly questioning their life decisions!), we do swimming, play dates and live a pretty active social life. So it’s not like we don’t do anything. However, I cannot offer him the same stimuli as what he will get from school.

The other thing, is that LM is really eager to learn. He can already count to 129 (#sorrynotsorry for the smug mum moment!), he writes and draws everyday and he’s just…. ready.

All of that makes me really excited for him. I believe he’s going to make lifelong friends and have the opportunities to feed his enthusiasm for learning.


Now let’s concentrate on me for one hot minute. It was only last week that I told you to watch out for those emotional roller-coaster type posts – well, I bet you didn’t think you’d be getting one this soon?! Hahaha *quiet awkward sob*.

Along with feelings of joy and hope for what my life will be like with one less small child in the house, I also feel like my baby is being ripped away from me by an unjust social structure. WHY can’t he stay at home with me forever? He doesn’t need to learn such classroom things because I will teach him everything I know about the world. And yes, while that may indeed be very little at least I’ll know where he is all the time.

The other thing is, I have major anxiety about the fact LM will be mixing with people I don’t know and children a lot older than him. It’s not that I’m a helicopter mum, but I am very aware of Stranger Danger. For years now, I’ve taught my kids about the underpants rule, that private parts are private and just all the things that is age appropriate to try and keep them as safe as possible. I can’t help that my mind goes to this dark place and I make no apologies for it. I am worried about peers, teachers and basically anyone that isn’t me!

The only thing I can do is try and keep that intense fear away from him, be positive and encouraging and… try not to call the school fifty million times a day.

Yes, I’m aware that this a natural part of life and I can honestly say that I want this for him. I just didn’t think it’d be this hard.

Thanks for reading.

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